go for broke monument anniversary

On June 2, 2018 the Go For Broke Monument celebrated its 19th anniversary with a tribute to the veterans of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, 100th Infantry Battalion and the Military Intelligence Service.  Join us as we explore the rich histories of Japanese American veterans through the stories told by their children and grandchildren.  We challenge you to ask yourself: “How I will keep the Nisei veterans’ stories alive?”


Blindly tasting japanese american food

We brought our Kizuna friends together for a blind taste test of the foods to get more of an opinion on the flavor combinations as well as reflect on the hard times the community had to face.



How I will keep the Nisei veterans’ stories alive?

Join Hideki as he explores Manzanar for the first time.

A grandparent's love that is passed down...

Learn how Go For Broke soldiers fought prejudice.

A questionnaire to test someone's loyalty?