Accountability is the notion of taking responsibility for ones behaviors and actions. Kizuna believe it is an important value in that it fuels our younger volunteers to stay responsible for the commitments they have made and actions they've taken. Throughout our program pipeline, students learn about culture and identity, and the organizations that have helped shaped their communities. They then learn how important their commitment is to ensure that those organizations stay healthy.  Additionally, we feel it is important for students, staff, and volunteers to take responsibility for their actions. Whether good or bad, students learn the meaning of responsibility and understand to own up to their actions. In this way, we feel students, staff, and volunteers grow, mature, and become more understanding of their actions and how they affect the community.

In Our Programs

We enforce accountability at Kizuna by  holding our staff and instructors to the same responsibility as we hold our students. You should always do your best to be on time, present, and respectful. Our instructors all go through background checks and trainings to ensure they are ready to give the best and most supportive instruction to our students. We hold our instructors and staff to strict code of ethics, in this way we ensure we have the best staff, but also a staff that can be excellent role models for our students and campers. 





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