At Kizuna, we believe that empathy not only means understanding and sharing feelings with others, but also applies to understanding and sharing one another’s stories. As our community continues to grow, our stories and backgrounds become more diverse. We believe in understanding feelings, and also understanding the WHY of one another. Through this core value we hope to develop young leaders by instilling empathy within peers, but to also instill empathy through generations and different communities. This value is important to us, so we can continue to bridge all our program participants and community members.

In Our Programs

Empathy at Kizuna is taught and shared at every program and event. We train our staff and volunteers to relate and share with program participants. We open programs with ice breakers that help get students comfortable. We do not tolerate any bullying. Because we encourage atmospheres that emphasize togetherness and community mindset,  our students learn to value understanding. Regardless of the program or workshop, we approach any situation with an open mind set.





Throughout Program

Understanding different communities



Understanding generational differences, understanding other communities



Understanding and empathizing with student needs

Board Fellowship


Understanding community need, understanding generational differences

AT Home