Endeavor means challenging yourself to rise to the occasion. We define this core value as an essential mindset that program participants, staff, and volunteers should have. Understanding that growth comes from accepting and working through challenges, is a value that we strive to instill in all programs. Endeavor is also a willingness to try something new, or to step out of your comfort zone. 

Challenging our students to continuously grow and improve themselves is important to us. This value ensures that students do not just stop learning at our programs, but continue to rise to any occasion through challenging themselves at any area in their lives, and at any time in their lives. 

In Our Programs

At every program in Kizuna, we challenge out program participants, volunteers and staff by asking more WHY questions. This offers the opportunity for student to challenge themselves mentally and to have to think about the real answers to difficult questions. We encourage our students to step out of their comfort zones through public speaking exercises and team building activities. We acknowledge and congratulate students on their growth relative to each student’s personality and accomplishments. We strive for growth in a positive and safe environment. 




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