At the center of Kizuna’s programs, our goal is to have everyone involved grow. This growth includes not only participants, but also our instructors, lead instructors, counselors, and even our volunteers. We believe every workshop and program has the opportunity for more growth. Whether it be with communication, or literally learning more about one’s culture, we strive for continuous growth and improvement for everyone at Kizuna.

Growth is an extremely important value for us. We believe that every child, student, volunteer, and staff has the opportunity to grow and learn everyday. Our workshops and programs offer an opportunity for any participants (of any age or background) to discover the joy in learning and growing. We hope to have participants grow by finding their passion, by increasing their knowledge and wisdom, and by practicing/applying their personal skills. Each participant is valuable and has the potential to excel, we nurture these skills and exercise them, so students come out of our programs and workshops better than when they first started. We hope to continue developing young leaders by promoting an environment of growth for all.

In Our Programs

Growth can be seen at every workshop and program that Kizuna has through our methods of practice. We focus on having our students engaged in the content of our programs, and in addition to short lectures include creative and immersive activities. We have students learn, apply their skills, and reflect in most programs and workshops. Through this assessment and reflection, we see the most growth. We asked student how and why they can improve, and in this way, we promote self-evaluation. 




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