We believe that philanthropy is an important value to share with our program participants, staff, and volunteers. Philanthropy literally means the love of humanity, we share this sentiment with all those involved at Kizuna. We believe in caring, nurturing, and encouraging others to give and donate for the betterment of our community, and for the benefit of all. 

We emphasize the importance of philanthropy at Kizuna, because without this important value, many of our community centers or organizations would not exist. Because we believe in these programs and resources, we dedicate our time and money to ensure that they will be around for many more future generations to enjoy. We promote this value to even the youngest of our participants, because caring for your peers and friends will encourage a safe and supportive environment for our young campers to enjoy.

In Our Programs

One example of how we carry out philanthropy is by emphasizing the importance of giving back (philanthropy) to their communities. Each day we give the students the option to spend or donate their “points”. We will emphasize that students need to donate their points to the community fund. By doing so, the whole camp has an opportunity to win a prize. We are practicing ways of giving back to others rather than using their points to benefit their own team. In the end, students get to participate in fun activities by making memories together as a whole group, rather than being overly competitive within their teams.




Summer Camp

Entire Camp Value

Sharing what we gave back to community



How philanthropy is essential to community

Service Learning


What does philanthropy mean and why do we do it?

Board Fellowship


Philanthropy for Board Members

AT Home

  1. Create your own philanthropy jar! - You can encourage your family to work towards a family goal through points earned by good deeds. This will encourage the message of “for the greater good,” and will have your kids working towards a memorable goal to accomplish. 
  2. Family volunteer days! - Pick a community event and volunteer together. You can help give back and create a fun family tradition every year. Some great idea are a local community clean up or your community obon.
  3. Giving Tuesday (or other days!) - You can choose an organization to donate to, and plan a fundraiser with your boy/girl scout troop, your family, or friends. It’s a great way to practice social skills, understand money and budget, and do a good deed that will benefit your local organizations.