gardena bowl

coffee shop

Sharing my experience at the Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop. A hole in the wall spot in the South Bay serving up comfort food by friendly people.


manzanar pilgrimage 2018

The annual pilgrimage is held every year on the last Saturday of April to honor the Japanese Americans who were forced to relocate to Manzanar during World War II.  Join Hideki as he explores Manzanar for the first time.


sanctuary fitness

Watch as the Kizuna staff works out at Sanctuary Fitness with Jerry Fukui and Michael Richards.  Big thanks to Brandon and Sanctuary Fitness for pushing us to the limit!


go for broke monument anniversary

On June 2, 2018 the Go For Broke Monument celebrated its 19th anniversary with a tribute to the veterans of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, 100th Infantry Battalion and the Military Intelligence Service.  Join us as we explore the rich histories of Japanese American veterans through the stories told by their children and grandchildren.  We challenge you to ask yourself: “How I will keep the Nisei veterans’ stories alive?”


little tokyo sparkle

On May 12th, 2018, hundreds of people from across Southern California joined in to help clean up Little Tokyo.  Find out more about why they choose to volunteer and make Little Tokyo Sparkle.



The Kizuna staff and friends were invited to a super secret karaoke session in the heart of Little Tokyo despite having no singing experience. Find out what happens in this weeks video!



Brought to you by the Kizuna Boiz

It's only Japan Night once a year at Dodger Stadium.

Find out what NCI is here!

Fresh vegetables for a good cause!

How I will keep the Nisei veterans’ stories alive?

Which one are you?

So clean you could eat off it!

"Lulu Lemons"

ASMR Little Tokyo Episode 1: Fugetsu-Do

Join Hideki as he explores Manzanar for the first time.

Eric Komatsu is back!

Think you know everything that the JACCC offers?

See how Kizuna celebrates Hinamatsuri!

We're preparing for Allegiance: A New Musical Inspired By a True Story coming to Little Tokyo!

A surprise package arrived.

Hugs and kisses for the Kizuna office!

What makes a bike so unique that it needs to be handled with special treatment and care?

A dog invites you to a 60 year old family tradition.