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Kizuna's Community Connector is designed to build experiences, networks, and skills for young adults and adults to get involved in the variety of opportunities our community has to offer.

How Does It work?

You're interested in getting involved, but you're not quite sure where to get started. Our Community Connector serves as an entry point to the variety of different involvements our community has to offer. With both short-term and long-term programs, our opportunities will provide meaningful experiences, build relationships, and get you plugged into the community network.

Our Model

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Long-Term Programs

These year-long programs build deep relationships and new skills for individuals looking to take a deep dive into our community. Our long-term programs are also great for network and resume building.

Board Fellowship

Skill building and practical experience on a board prepares adults for leadership at the highest level of an organization. Master the community landscape, build board experience, skill up in leadership, and gain professional networks through our Board Fellowship Program.

Time Frame: March-December
Location: Little Tokyo

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Mid-Term Programs

These seasonal programs provide participants with weekend, weeknight, or single week involvements during a limited scope of time.

Counselors & Instructors

Counselors and instructors provide the education and mentorship to students in Kizuna's various programs. Kizuna offers a wide array of counselor opportunities working with a variety of ages and in many different geographic locations. Join today and make a difference in the life of the next generation.

Summer Camp
Time Frame: Single Weeks, Summer
Location: Various

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Short-Term Programs

These single day events provide opportunities to new individuals to meet our community as well as for regular participants to stay engaged and do some good.

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