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Service Learning is a high school program that introduces concepts of empowerment and community service to high school students through hands-on engagement. Our program focuses on inter-generational community service. High school students will learn how to identify, assess, and address community needs.

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About Our Program

Service Learning is a special opportunity for intergenerational connection between high school and college aged students. Our program introduces concepts of empowerment and community engagement through hands-on volunteerism and fun activities. During each session, Kizuna prioritizes creating space for sharing experiences, values, and history to the next generation

High School Students

Our program focuses on inter-generational community service in partnership with Keiro. High school students will learn how to identify, assess, and address community needs. This year, students will work closely with older adults and share with them how to use technology and smartphone applications such as Instagram, Uber, Virtual Reality, and Google Home products. Students will learn how to create the most impact within their communities.

Program Cost

$25 per session or $40 for two.

*Cost applies to high school participants (not older adults)

Older Adults

Service Learning is a 7-week program for learning how to get the most out of your smart phones and other technology.  Some of the workshops will include how to shop for necessities and groceries online, advanced tips for using your phones for photo/video, and you'll learn to use smartphone apps such as Uber, a convenient and safe  mobile application that allows you to hire a private driver to get to your desired destination. Participants will be paired with high school students who will provide assistance and accompany participants on two text drives. Additionally, adult participants will have the opportunity to share important stories and lessons about the Japanese American culture and history.

Free Program

Kizuna's Service Learning program is free for older adult participants!


Made Possible/in partnership with

INteractive Learning

For those who have experienced our workshops before know that we use a highly interactive teaching methodology focusing on student engagement.

Location & Dates

This FREE program is a special opportunity for intergenerational connection!

Volunteer with us at any of the following sessions!

Weekend One

Kei-Ai South Bay Healthcare Center
15115 Vermont Ave, Gardena, CA 90247

Oishii Session: February 22, 2020, 12:30-3:00pm
Genki Session: February 23, 2020, 12:30-3:00pm

Weekend Two

Sakura Intermediate Care Facility
325 S Boyle Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Oishii Session: February 29, 2020, 12:30-3:00pm
Genki Session: March 1, 2020, 12:30-3:00pm

Site Specific Curriculum

Our curriculum differs by site to best serve the needs of the geographic location. Students will be working with older adult groups that have pioneered and built the centers, organizations, and spaces in which students get to participate in and enjoy. Students will learn more about the leaders and members who are a part of these organizations, and the same older adults will get to share and learn from the students in their community.

Program Methodology

Service Learning focuses on growth & development through the assessment, planning, and implementation of a service project. By taking action on a critical community need, students will feel empowered to be change makers in our community.


Students will learn concepts of civic service and critically analyze how to serve communities in need. Using concepts of leadership and empathy, students will understand how to maximize the quality of their time spent in service to others.  Additionally, students will be able to apply these skills immediately as they work together with older adults.


After understanding the importance of service learning, students will learn how to work with multiple generations, and communicate effectively with various age ranges. Students will plan and strategize the most effective ways to work with older adults, and ensure a successful learning experience. Older adults will work with students to learn how to use an iPad and apps such as Uber, Instagram, and Amazon.


One of the biggest differences between learning in traditional settings and service learning is that service learning allows for students to immediately gain experience in the concepts they are being taught. This type of action-oriented learning allows for students to engage in trial and error, and provides them with the confidence to continue applying their knowledge to other situations.


Students and older adults will have the opportunity to reflect and evaluate their planning and action sessions to improve on any aspects of the journey. Additionally, reflective moments allow for more growth, and to go over any components of the curriculum that are not clear.

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