Nice To Meet You Salt Lake City.

Kizuna is excited to be bringing our community-renowned workshops and activities to the Salt Lake City area. Starting the weekend of May 19, 2017, we'll be introducing two workshops to give you a little preview of what we're all about. Looking forward to meeting you!

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What is Kizuna?

Kizuna's mission is to build a future for the Japanese American community through the education, empowerment, and engagement of the next generation.

Founded in 2011, we have built an entire network of programs in the Southern California area, helping our local community to thrive and grow. Through our programs, we've been able to build culture, service, and leadership in our community.

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Two Workshops. Double the Fun.

Kizuna is excited to offer two workshops, each focusing on a different age and cultural topic. Our workshops are sure to be educational, interactive, and of course, fun for all of our participants!

Cultural Values & leadership

Ages: 15-22

The leadership skills & practices of an individual are highly influenced by the values they hold. This workshop explores how Japanese American cultural values influence and enhance our ability to be a leader.

Workshop Details

Friday, May 19, 2017
6:00pm - 9:30pm
Salt Lake Buddhist Temple, Kodo Facility

Workshop Highlights

After 5 years of implementation and feedback, Kizuna's Cultural Values seminar is one of the best workshops we run!

Dinner will be provided

Additional Opportunity

Want to put your leadership skills/cultural values that you learned to work? Workshop participants are also invited to volunteer the following day during our children's mochitsuki workshop.

Mochi Extravaganza

Ages: 7-13

It's never too late to ring in the new year with the Japanese tradition of mochitsuki (making mochi). Join us as we make & eat rice cakes, and share the important cultural lessons of this annual tradition.

Workshop Details

Saturday, May 20, 2017
11:00am - 1:30pm
Salt Lake Buddhist Temple, Kodo Facility

Workshop Highlights

Registration Cost: $25 per participant

Registered participants will take home mochi (rice cake) made during the workshop

All registered participants will receive a copy of Kizuna's book "Thank You Very Mochi"

Lunch will be provided

Workshop Co-Sponsors

Kizuna is honored to be supported by a number of your community-based organizations in Utah. Our workshop co-sponsors include:

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