Kizuna now offers legacy giving options to make an impact for generations to come by with a planned gift.


Make an impact for generations to come by supporting Kizuna with a planned gift. Together, your support can help to carry forward Kizuna’s mission of educating, empowering, and engaging the next generation in perpetuity.

what is a planned gift? 

Commonly donated through a will or trust, a planned gift is a contribution, arranged in the present, that is given at a future date.

Giving a legacy

Planned gifts can be designated and/or named. Naming enables the perpetual recognition of an individual, family, or initiative. Donor designation gives the gift specific purpose by earmarking it for an area of work, project, or program.

tax benefits

Planned gifts can help to minimize taxes from IRA and other pension plans. Creation of charitable trusts can provide tax deduction as well as exhange appreciated assets.


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