Isshokenmei can be directly translated as “to work very hard at something.” The roots of this phrase came from a Samurai’s way of life, and would be literally translated as guarding one’s land at all costs. Today, many martial arts organizations use this term as a way of saying students should completely devote themselves to every action or motion they take. For Kizuna, being devoted and dedicated to their roles as volunteers, leaders, counselors, participants means not only are you giving your all to the program, but those around you are also getting the best experience. We should give our best working order to accomplish our goals, and make the most out of every day.

We believe in Isshokenmei’s value  because it motivates students, staff, and volunteers to always do their best in all projects and programs. Like many sports teams, we believe that you must “follow through” with all your actions in order to get the most impact out of our programs. We encourage students to be positive, and give their all.




Summer Camp


During games or team competitions

Service Learning

Service Learning

During energizers



Leadership value

AT Home

You can use Isshokenmei in everyday language at sports games, practices, or tournaments. You can think of Isshokenmei as words of encouragement that can help boost confidence and motivation in young children.