Kodomo No Tamei Ni & Keiro

Our Definition - Kodomo No Tame Ni

Kodomo No Tame Ni translates to for the sake of the children. We define this value as a phrase that reminds us to think of and care for the next generation. We create programs that develop young leaders with a strong sense of belonging and pride to their communities. 

This value is important to us because we believe that all the work everyone does in  the community is for the purpose of the next generation to enjoy and carry on. Kizuna believes that all the work our ancestors, grandparents, and parents have done is for the future. We are continuously working to ensure that a new generation of leaders are ready to pass this legacy on.

Our Definition - Keiro

Keiro means senior in Japanese, but we use this value to share the importance of respecting our elders, especially the seniors in our community who pioneered the founding of the many cultural centers and organizations we enjoy today. By learning about the history and the challenges our seniors faced, we can better appreciate all the privileges we currently have. As children, we do not always realize the precious time we have with our older family members. We believe it is important to share the stories and experiences our elders have, and show them how much value they have brought to our communities.




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