Wellness, to us, means mental and physical health. Our programs encourage our participants to strive for excellence, and we expect the best out of our volunteers at staff, but we also know that it is important to consider health and stress factors, too. Wellness is important to consider because many of our program participants and volunteers are young adults who are at a point int heir life where they feel extreme pressure are stress. 

Wellness is important because we believe success is not achieved at the cost of physical or mental health. We enforce breaks that are both physically and mentally energizing for our participants, volunteers, and staff. By providing a balanced environment and curriculum, we create a better space for leadership skills to be nurtured.




AT Home

  1. Take breaks!
  2. Encourage balanced health through engaging games that are both physically and mentally stimulating.
  3. Allow older students to set goals that are not only academic or career based, but also physically and mentally healthy (make time for grandparents, exercising, eating right, etc.). This also include finding fulfillment within their future goals.