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OUr Mission

Kizuna's mission is to build a future for our community through the education, empowerment and engagement of the next generation.

Why Does Kizuna Exist?

Hearing this question time and time again, Kizuna was founded with the intent of educating, empowering and engaging a future generation of Japanese Americans. With their energy, ideas and commitment, this generation would redefine a vibrant and prosperous future for our community.

Our Core Values

Kizuna's programs and products all contain a set of core values that we believe are critical to the growth and success of the next generation. We are meticulous in our integration of these values in our workshops, products, and educational materials. Here is a quick list of our core values, click any one of them to learn more!



Taking responsibility for ones actions

Doing something to make a difference

Seeking to understand and build emotional connectivity to others

Challenging yourself in new and unfamiliar situations

Self awareness, respect, and consideration to others

Duty and moral responsibility

Personal development through discovery of identity, passions, and skills

Giving everything your all with no complaint

Gratitude and appreciation for all things

Care and support to older adults. Action for the sake of the next generation. Encouraging community involvement.

The desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of time, talents, and treasures

The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal

*Click any of the values above to learn more about our definition and teaching methodology!

Videos About Kizuna

Check out these videos for a human perspective on Kizuna's community impact as well a cute infommercial explaining our programming methodology. Be sure to make the video full screen to get the whole experience!

Photos of Kizuna

Looking to get a clearer picture of what Kizuna does throughout the year? View our photo stream to get a glimpse into our programs and activities. 

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The People Who Make it Happen

Board of Directors

  • Board Chair
  • Megan Ono, MNLM
  • Vice Chair
  • Bryce Ikemura
  • Secretary
  • Tiffany Hashimoto, MS
  • Treasurer
  • Kevin Oyama, CPA
  • Board-at-Large
  • Ashley Honma
  • Kari Kodamatu, Esq.
  • Brandon Leong
  • Candice Shikai, Esq.
  • Amy Watanabe
  • Bryce Ikemura
  • Stacy Toyota


  • Interim Leadership
  • Board of Directors Executive Committee
  • Program Coordinator
  • Shawn Shojinaga
  • Program and Administrative Coordinator
  • Elaine Hang
  • Marketing Assistant
  • Daniel Yaguchi

Advisory Council

  • Kathryn Bannai
  • Deborah F. Ching
  • James Choi
  • Gerald Fukui
  • Warren T. Furutani
  • Deputy Chief Terry Hara (Ret.)
  • Noelle Ito
  • traci kato-kiriyama
  • Jessica Kikuchi
  • Kathy Masaoka
  • Daren Mooko
  • Debra Nakatomi
  • Alan Nishio
  • Helen H. Ota
  • Henry Ota
  • Sandy Sakamoto
  • Christine Sato-Yamazaki
  • Bill Seki
  • Diane Tanaka Suzuki
  • Bryan Takeda
  • Craig Tomiyoshi
  • Diane Ujiiye
  • Deputy Chief Dave Yamahata (Ret.)

Learn More About Our Leadership

The future is in good hands! Our Board and Staff all have a passion and talent for the development of the next generation. Each member comes with a unique set of skills and talents. Click the link for their bios!

Board & Staff Bios

Our Donors

Our donors have really enabled Kizuna to make a major community impact. We'd like to recognize all of our supporters who have made a contribution to Kizuna's mission and vision.

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