Become a

Kizuna Counselor

Kizuna offers counselor positions for young adults and college students. By becoming a counselor, you can become a leader and make a direct impact on the next generation!

We require counselors over the age of 18 to go through a California Department of Justice level background check and fingerprinting service to ensure a safe and healthy environment.


Kizuna offers a wide array of counselor positions that work with a variety of ages and in many different geographic locations. You can make a difference in the life of the next generation. Sign up today!



Our Counselor program places young adults and high school students in various positions with Kizuna’s summer programs. Counselors work directly to shape the lives of kids and teens. Community service has never been more fun and worthwhile than this!


Counselors must meet these requirements:
1) Must have completed your first year of college or equivalent by the time camp begins
2) Must have at least 1 year experience working with youth
3) Requires California Department of Justice level background check and fingerprinting service

Jr. Counselor Information

High school students looking to make a difference, become a Jr. Counselor with one of Kizuna's summer programs. Jr. Counselors function as counselors-in-training allowing you to interact with our students while learning from our more seasoned counselors.


Jr. Counselors must meet both requirements:
1) Must be between the age of 13-18
2) entering 9th grade or above

Make a Difference

If you've ever been to a summer camp as a kid, you know the impact that counselors can make on a camp experience. Counselors truly make a difference in the lives of the next generation. One week of work as a counselor can change a student forever. 

Counselor Training

Kizuna's counselor training modules are conducted to build a safe, exciting, and learning environment for our program participants, as well as prepare you for your position! Our counselor training is an annually held certification program curated and facilitated by Kizuna staff.

Here is what we will require and cover to prepare you for the best summer experience ever!

Background checks

All counselors over the age of 18 are required to go through a California Department of Justice level background check and fingerprinting service.

Training Topics

Conflict Resolution
Public Speaking
Communication Skills
Emotional Intelligence
Facilitation Skills
Leadership Skills
Professional Behavior

*Trainings will occur the Saturday prior to the week of each camp location.

Be part of a team

Through our training, you will learn the skills to be able to be an effective counselor and make our summer programs a fun and safe place. But you cannot do it alone, you will work along side Senior Counselors, Counselors and Jr. Counselors which allows you to make fun and memorable experiences throughout the summer with your cohort.

Serve Your Community

It's time to give back to your community. Counselors feel a sense of satisfaction from their experience as a counselor because they’ve made a difference. 

Program Descriptions

Counselors provide supervision, mentorship and education for students enrolled in Kizuna's youth programs. Click the logos or links for more information about each individual program.

Summer Camp

Camp Counselors gain hands-on opportunities teaching lessons and facilitating discussions with elementary and middle school students. In addition to their roles as teachers, counselors also lead games and icebreakers and monitor a small group of students over the duration of the week.


Leadership Counselors have the opportunity to work with high-school students. They will teach lessons, facilitate discussions and lead activities, such as icebreakers and monitor small group discussions over a 10-week period! You have the opportunity to become a peer mentor throughout the duration of summer.

A lot of Fun

Ask any of our people, being a counselor in Kizuna's programs is GREAT FUN. We have a great group of kids and fellow counselors, so you won't be bored.